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Christmas Appeal: Put gorillas on your wish list this Christmas

Gorillas are only on one list this Christmas: The Red List of Endangered Species. Your gift can help give them a future...

We wish we didn’t have to ask for your support again and that all gorillas were safe from the threat of extinction.

However, this Christmas all four sub-species of gorilla are on the worst type of list – the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. They are one step away from being lost forever.

So please will you help get all gorillas off the Red List by putting them on your list this Christmas…

Making a gift this Christmas can help protect gorillas against poachers, illegal miners and armed militias. It will also help us in our efforts to safeguard the precious gorilla habitat, which is being lost at an alarming rate. And it will also help us keep all gorillas safe from the deadly Ebola virus.

Every little really does make a big difference. We genuinely appreciate all the support you have given our vital conservation work over the years. Thanks to you, mountain gorilla numbers have been slowly rising. But 99% of gorillas remain classed as Critically-Endangered.

So, though we wish we didn’t have to ask for your help again, until all gorillas are safe, we simply don’t have an alternative.






Thank you.